COVID-19 Updates

The following restrictions are in place (as of April 12, 2021): 

  • The DKC office is open. Monday through Friday 9:00am-1:00pm. We ask that you wear a mask when entering and have only one customer in the office at a time.
    If you have questions for the office or any of the board, please communicate by phone or email or use the contact page on the contact page. Please use the drop box outside the office, US mail or credit card (via phone or in-person) to make any payments.

  • The pavilion restrooms are open.

  • The clubhouse is open and all scheduled clubhouse activities are available (maximum 49 individuals). Use at your own risk. 

  • The playground is open.

  • The pool is currently closed and is planning to open Memorial Day weekend at 50% capacity for
    the 2021 summer swim season.

  • The beach and grass areas are open.

  • The marina and launch ramp are open.
    Boat owners are responsible for checking on their boats as the Harbormaster hours will be limited.

  • Meetings will continue to be held via electronic communication.