Joining Meetings Online

Since the 2020 pandemic started, we started conducting all meetings virtually and recording the video as well as the audio. Our plan is to continue offering meetings virtually even after pandemic restrictions have subsided and we start meeting again the clubhouse. This will offer members the option to attend from home as well as make it easy to share media on the screen and record meetings.

We use software called Microsoft Teams for our online meetings. Teams is a bit like Zoom and offers the ability to connect with a Teams app (click here to download it), connect from a regular internet browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox), or dial in from your phone. If you join using the app or the web, you'll be able to see attendees who are sharing their video, see any media that is shared, and raise your hand to request to speak.

However you join, we ask that you please stay muted unless you would like to speak to avoid interrupting the meeting.

Recordings of Past Meetings


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