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Buildings and Grounds Phase 2 Progress

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Work on the Waterfront Park project is moving along. While the concrete poured in January was curing, we had new topsoil delivered and got it spread, compacted, and planted with grass seed to blend the new patio with the existing grass area around the pavilion.

The old ice machine shed was removed prior to pouring the new concrete. After a couple weeks of concrete curing the new replacement shed was built with improved venting, insulation, and updated electrical and water connections for the ice machine. The new roof line was built to tie into the existing building and a new taller door was installed. The interior was painted, and the ice machine has been re-installed.

The old Harbormaster’s shed was dismantled and rebuilt on a poured concrete slab and the foundation for the Harbormaster’s Office was leveled and stabilized. The shed is complete now with siding, roofing and new doors installed. Trenches have been dug for the soon to be relocated crab sink water supply. We also added a new fence surround for trash cans now located at the top of the ramp down to the docks, and the outdoor sink at the lavatory building was connected and installed.

Going forward to completion, I am collecting bids now from local painters to finish and paint all of the buildings in the Waterfront Park area and hope to have a proposal for the Board at the next meeting. We’ve had a great group working together to accomplish all this work – kudos to volunteers Ted McDaniel, Mark McCutchen, David Werner, David Kaszycki, Bill Little, Marty Antrim, Dennis Allen, Greg Reiman, and Phillip Sherwin and our DKC employees Ann Weaver, Max Wisner, and Jeremy Riley. Thanks also to David Tripp for his donation of the doors for the ice shed and Harbormaster’s shed. It takes a village!

Thanks for your support,

Coleman Gehri – B&G Chair

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