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Waterfront Park Improvements

Updated: May 1, 2023

Starting in January 2022 the dedicated Buildings and Grounds volunteers along with a couple of our long-time neighbors have been working hard to complete the first of several improvements to the DKC Waterfront Park area. This work has been identified as the "Phase 1" project and was approved by the Board in December 2021. We got started by removing sod and a bit of failing concrete, some patio pavers, then grading the new patio areas for initial preparation. A few drainage improvements were identified and accomplished, then several yards of gravel were spread and compacted in preparation for the fresh concrete.

The first of two pours were accomplished early on a Thursday morning. Given all the parts that had to come together; concrete truck, concrete pump and all the manpower and tools, we were sweating it a bit with a fifty-fifty chance of rain in the forecast, but the first pour worked out great with just a couple sprinkles of rain late in the day that had no impact on our fresh concrete.

The second pour was accomplished the following Monday, mid-morning. With no rain in the forecast but temperatures not expected to get much above freezing, failure of the fresh pour was less this time but still nerve-wracking as near freezing temperatures extend the cure time and the potential for accidental damage. To our relief, things worked out fine and the main patio area turned out great.

Many Thanks to those who volunteered their time, effort, tools and moral support; David Kaszycki, Steve Lindberg, Ted McDaniel, David Werner, Mark McCutchen, Max Wisner, not to mention the DKC Board for sharing our vision. Also, a special Thank You to our local tradesmen; Coho Concrete, for their advice, expertise and excellent workmanship on this important club amenity - nice work everyone!

We will be finishing up with the final landscape grading, topsoil placement and grass planting in the following weeks to get “Phase 1” finished up.

Work is also starting on “Phase 2” of the improvement project on a couple construction activities to enhance and replace two structures in the Waterfront Park area. I will follow up with progress reports in the coming weeks as things get going.

Thanks for your support!

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