DKC Beautification 2021!

Saturday, May 15, 2021 was a bright and deceptively warm day. At 10 a.m., people donned work gloves, manned hoses and tools, and got down to business. The business of tidying up our clubhouse area.

Super-sized thanks to those who scrubbed grime from the pool’s glass paneled enclosure and pool areas, cleaned roofs, added landscaping bark, and bushwhacked through dense scotch broom, blackberries, thistles, and the tangle of weeds growing on the slope behind the clubhouse.

From the hard work of these volunteers, a sparkling new pool area and a tamed and trimmed grounds emerged. Not to mention the tremendous burn pile that resulted! Along the way, introductions and friendships were made, hearty laughter filled the air, people thanked each other for coming out. It was a good chance to get to meet some new faces and it felt good to achieve something together.

So, please consider joining us for next cleanup day around the clubhouse. It’s only through the concerted efforts of those of us who live here to keep DKC the charming and inviting place that it is.

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