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House By Barge!

Hi, all. Jeremy Foster here on the new DKC blog.

Last Thursday morning I set my alarm for a terrible hour of the morning to head to the clubhouse and join about 30 of my new neighbors to watch what promised to be a spectacle - the removal of a house on NE Key Pl.

I've seen the "removal" of homes before - as in, demolition - but this was different for sure. This house was literally removed - by truck and barge.

Nickel Bros. pulled the whole operation off without an apparent hitch and much to the awe of the bystanders. Residents marveled as the barge pulled in at high tide, a crane set a bridge in place to tie land to sea, and workers heaved railroad ties around like toothpicks. Then we shook off our disbelief as the house before us moved against its background and made its way eventually and precariously across the tiny bridge, onto the floating slab, and off into the sunrise.

A spectacle it was indeed, but just as nice to find an excuse to meet new community members and spend some quality pre-dawn hours together.

Photo by Helge Pedersen

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