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Join Us at the Monthly Board Meetings

Yesterday we held the monthly board workshop in the clubhouse, and I was really glad to see a good showing of folks. I was even more encouraged that the dialog was positive and much progress was made on a number of issues. I'm really proud of this community.

If you haven't been before, now is a good time to start attending these meetings, so that your voice too can be heard. The more the merrier.

Board Meeting
A healthy showing of DKC folks at September's board workshop.

Remember, the workshop is an open dialog about all of the motions that will come before the board at the monthly board business meeting.

Workshops happen every month on the first Thursday, and business meetings are on the second Thursday (unless otherwise announced). We'll see you there!

If you're a writer and want to help out by contributing some content to this news blog, please let me know. We would love to expand our voice. Please contact

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