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Leader of the Band

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

As many of you know, we live in a special place. Special not just for its physical beauty but for the quality of caring this community has demonstrated while battling the COVID 19 outbreak. Leading the charge is none other than Bruce Cosacchi and his golden trumpet.

Each night, at 8pm, he stands, a lone figure broadcasting a new song across the waters of Coon Bay and up into the hills of DWK. The carefully chosen tunes allow us to join him in reflecting upon and thanking all those who must still work for the public good, whether they are medical providers, grocery clerks or one of the myriad others whose essential work generally goes unseen and unappreciated.

And each night, he is rewarded with your applause, shouts, foghorns, cowbells and flashing lights, reminding us that even though we are physically separated, as neighbors, we will get through this together.

We look forward to each evening’s performance until the “bug” is defeated. With heartfelt thanks, we wish to honor his nightly “messages” and the generous spirit of bringing the community closer.

Photography and editing by Helge Pedersen

Written by Lisa Fanning

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